Entry Prep

Entry Fees:

AIGA MEMBERS: $35 each; $25 each (10+ entries)

NON-MEMBERS: $55 each; $45 each (10+ entries)

ASD STUDENTS: $20 each (10+ entries)

  • Entry fees must be paid for online by credit card at the time of submission. If your entries have not been paid for by 11:59 pm Oct. 17 they will not be included for judging or displayed at the reception.


For each entry, be prepared to provide:

  1. Category, entry title, client, creation/publication date, art director, designer, design brief/description of the project explaining the goals and objectives of the project (250 words or less).
  2. Attachment(s) showing your project.
  • JPEG or PDF files accepted. Maximum file size is 5MB per piece. You can upload a maximum of ten attachments for each entry to showcase your work.
  • If you are uploading a multiple page item (like a book) we suggest you pull select pages out and upload them as JPGs for easy viewing.
  • Interactive entries may include video attachments and links to the appropriate app store.
  • Videos may be hosted on a video site such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Provide links to publicly accessible campaigns or landing page of live websites. Please include any applicable usernames and passwords in the ‘Extra’ box so judges can access the entry.
  • Please do not upload any further written material. Additional written material will not be considered by the judges. The written component of your entry should be fully explained within the design brief.
  1. Credit
  • Please credit all members of the team that contributed to this entry (copywriters, photographers, illustrators, etc.)
  • Be sure to spell check names and titles. This information will appear on the awards certificate, in the awards presentation and on the TBO website winner’s gallery.