LISA BABB // Professor, Georgia Tech // AIGA National Board Member

Lisa Babb comes from a rich history of activism and social progress through engaging citizens. She has been a systems-based Graphic Designer for more than twenty years and served in Graphic Design education at the collegiate level for nineteen years. Having both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Graphic Design, Lisa credits Graphic Design for giving her a platform to create change in her life and others. Within design education specifically, she has built a Graphic Design department from the ground up and always makes a point of teaching in places that encourage diversity in demographics, ideologies, and models. Living by the mantra, “if you want a better world, make one,” she honestly believes that design is one of the few things that can defeat habits, for better or for worse. Currently, she teaches at Georgia Tech and serves as the Program Director for Community Guilds and the STEAM Truck to build stronger communities and champion education reform. Lisa is from Brooklyn (even before it became the brand that it is now) and has lived in Atlanta for thirteen years.



PAUL MENDOZA // Designer & Copywriter, UCLA // AIGA Chapter Advisory Council Representative

Paul Mendoza is the Associate Coordinator for the AIGA Portfolio Festival and the AIGA Design Conference. Additionally, he now supports 18 local AIGA chapters as the Chapter Advisory Council Representative for the West after serving as AIGA LA’s membership director from 2015 to 2017. When he’s not supporting AIGA members and leaders, Paul works as a designer and copywriter at his alma mater, UCLA. He is also the founder and managing director of Double Major, UCLA’s award-winning student-driven design agency.




HUGH WEBER // The Great Discontent // Managing Director, Design Observer

Hugh Weber is a senior executive, network theorist, community organizer, and strategic advisor who counsels established leaders facing uncertainty across multiple industries including design, media, government, and business. After spending more than a decade leading political campaigns throughout the United States, Weber founded OTA, a cultural organization focused on connecting creative disciplines across North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota; and We Must Be Bold, a community design collective working with global brands to design relationships of impact. In 2019, he acquired The Great Discontent, a media company and thriving community featuring emerging artists, designers, and culture creators. In 2020, he joined Design Observer as Managing Director. Hugh Weber previously served on the National Board of AIGA, the professional organization for design, and is currently an advisor to Design for America, a network of campus studios that harnesses design to create local and social impact.