Physical Entries

To have your entry on display at the awards ceremony, you must:

  • Mount your entry on 10” x 15” or 16″ x 20″ black foam core. (Entries that are mounted on larger boards may not be displayed due to space limitations.)
  • Print and tape a copy of your application and receipt to the back of the mounted physical entry (This is important! It helps us match the display cards with the correct entry.)
  • Deliver or mail your entry to the ACPE Offices (Dimond Mall, 2nd floor near Dimond Theater and Dave & Busters) from noon-4:30P Oct. 17.
  • Photographs should be submitted for oversize objects such as posters, environmental graphics, architectural signage, exhibits, packaging, or three-dimensional objects.
  • Physical entries can be picked up at the end of the awards ceremony. Entries remaining after the awards ceremony will be recycled.

PLEASE refrain from constructing elaborate 3-D displays. While we do appreciate the effort and creativity required to create such masterpieces, they are often damaged while being transported to the awards ceremony. We are also faced with space restrictions. Our goal is to display every entry which means everyone has to share the space.